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Reason of Stress in Life

     We are living in a world that is changing every moments. Here no rule is applicable that can make every individual happy. This world is materialistic and human beings are mortal. What we earn and learn here will remain in this world only and we have to go alone from this world, leaving everything behind us.

Historical Evidence:
  1. Mentioned in Greek epic, Homer's Iliad around 720 BC
  2. Mention in Ramayana in literature written around 5000 BC. Ravana's brother Maarich suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  3. Mention in Mahabharata epic. Demon king Kansha suffered when Lord Krishna killed all his demon's army. 

Stress In Life
Stress in life

     Due to changing nature of world, changing human behavior and very uncertain behavior of nature, stress comes in our life and we feel tensed. Followings are main reason of stress in life.

  1. Lack of Job opportunity.

  2. Unhealthy work environment.

  3. Lack of moral values in promotion.

  4. High day-to-day life expenditure.

  5. Addiction of tobacco and alcohol.

  6. Loss of family and friends.

  7. Haziness in life due to lack of clear vision.

  8. Peer pressure.

  9. High ambitions in life.

  10. Job insecurity.

  11. Terrorism and violence in day-to-day life.

  12. Uncertain and changing behavior of nature.

  13. Lack of confidence.

  14. Lack of proper education system.

  15. Lack of good friends.

  16. Bad experience of life takes longer time to completely recover.

  17. Discrimination in society.

  18. Feeling of inferiority complex in life.

  19. Not getting proper acknowledgement for good work done for family, society, country etc.

  20. Short shortsightedness vision in life.

     Due to stress people are suffering from mental illness and suicide cases are increasing. In Japan suicide cases are already very high. Stress can be overcome by having positive thinking, increasing social activities, spending proper times with family etc.

     Stress major reason is due to reason that we expect result after our every act. But in Mahabharata lord Krishna has told Arjuna that do your work and don't expect result after every act. Result is in almighty God's hand and based on your कर्मा, you will get result.

     Whole purpose of life is to lead a happy and healthy life. Not only physical health is important, mental health is also very important. Scientific development, money, education, status etc. are immaterial if we are not stress free. Lets take initiative to lead a stress free life and helps others also to become mentally happy.

Take Away:
  1. Stress kills talent
  2. Stress causes lack of concentration
  3. Stress causes lack of confidence
  4. Stress disturb well being
  5. Stress is slow poison
  6. Everybody should avoid stress

Key Highlights:
Why we have stress in modern life?
How stress can be overcome?
Stressful Modern Life
जीवन में तनाव के कारन
तनाव से कैसे मुक्ति पायें

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    1. Hats off to your innovative ideas about reason of stress in life. Stress has now become like cancer in modern life.