Thursday, 10 November 2016

Natural Reason Of Corruption

     Can corruption be removed completely? Can we overcome corruption? Can corruption be stopped forever? If these questions bother you then you are at right post. Here you will get physiological reason of why corruption takes place in almost all countries.
     Human by nature is very political and intelligent living creature.  Man always look after the opportunity to get easy and safe money. Everybody must have given some sort of corruption money in government offices for his/her work done.

Corruption is Menace

     Corruption is like a sin for society. Its effect is very devastating. Followings are major reason of corruption.

  1. Low moral value of individual, family, society and nation as whole.

  2. Lack of moral criteria in promotion. Sometimes less efficient and talented candidates get promotion. This forces genuine and talented candidates to indulge in illegal fixing and corruption.

  3. Lack of law enforcement to catch the corrupt. Corruption law is softer than criminal case law.

  4. Personal greed to collect more wealth in short span of time to lead luxurious life.

  5. Lack of transparency at institutional level.

  6. Reacting softly and mildly on corruption charges.

  7. Lack of job opportunities. So people offer money for favor of job.

  8. Lack of clear vision in citizen's life.

  9. Loopholes in law nitty-gritty. Without proper proof, corrupt officer get out clean.

  10. Lack of skilled manpower in law enforcement agency.

  11. Greed of family members (siblings, spouse, children etc.).

  12. No work recognition even after working honestly.

  13. Injustice of society, government, institution etc. Due to this officer think that corruption is their right.

  14.  Greed to earn money for generations yet to come.

     Every country is fighting against black money. Corruption is the main reason of black money. Black money is like parallel economy. Country economy dive nose due to black money.

     Some people take pride in committing social crime like taking bribe by mis-utilizing their official power to generate black money. Black money and corruption become their status symbol. More the black money, more powerful and intelligent that person is.

     Purpose of this blog is not to advocate corruption, but to make reader aware of why corruption is prevalent in society. Eliminating corruption is impossible, but we should try to minimize corruption.

     Everybody wants to reduce corruption, but they want easy money. This is why corruption is present from the time human started developing their first civilization.

Take Away:

  1. Corruption can not be removed, but it can be minimized
  2. Corruption is prevalent in all countries
  3. Corruption is black spot on society
  4. Corruption favors powerful

Key Highlights:
Why every country suffer from corruption?
How to overcome corruption menace?
Black money due to corruption
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  1. Corruption has now become unmanageable in society. As a human society we have to introspect ourselves.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I will update more details on this topic.